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Offer your clients an HR Administration service that will save them time and money – and it's available to qualifying medical and ancillary groups FREE. Contact your Word & Brown representative about eligibility.
Client policy data available 24/7.
Carrier contact information at your fingertips.
Clients can create gross or net rate sheets - data changes are visible to you in AgencyWow.
Log-in screen branded with YOUR logo or name.
Remind clients of your
service & commitment
every time they log in!
Download and customize hundreds of templates to create forms for any HR need.
Access health tools like Provider Search and Hospital Comparison.
Call or email an unlimited number of questions to legal professionals on any HR topic.
Create rate sheets.
Your clients get valuable HR
support anytime they need it!
Offer HRWow to your clients today!
HRWow is available to all brokers exclusively through Word & Brown.
If you're not registered
with AgencyWow,

sign-up to get started.
If you're already registered
with AgencyWow,

just click 'HRWow Setup' on
an active client record.
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